How HIBO Energy is Radically Changing the Energy Drink market

How HIBO Energy is Radically Changing the Energy Drink market


Did you know that 99% of energy drinks contain an ingredient derived from black mold that has been linked to respiratory inflammation?

For years, the energy drink industry has relied on artificial components with known health risks. Three years ago, as founders Phoebe & Clayton Oetting witnessed loved ones battling health issues due to these ingredients, they decided it was time for a revolution. While Clayton was deep in my food science studies at The University of Georgia, the founders embarked on a mission to create a healthy energy alternative.

After a year of playing around with recipes, Phoebe & Clayton launched HIBO ENERGY, an award-winning energy drink that not only tastes amazing but also champions your well-being. As new parents, the Oetting's understand the need for sustainable energy, and that's why we're thrilled to introduce you to HIBO.

HIBO is rewriting the rules of the energy drink game, and here's how:

1️⃣ Nature's Shield: We've replaced all artificial preservatives with the incredible power of hibiscus superfood. The result? A stunning natural red hue and a drink free from harmful additives.

2️⃣ Sweetness Redefined: Say goodbye to artificial sweeteners and excessive sugar. We've crafted a unique, non-caloric natural sweetener blend that's both delicious and health-conscious.

3️⃣ Stimulate Naturally: No more artificial stimulants. HIBO ENERGY harnesses the pure, organic energy of caffeine, green tea extract, and green coffee extract. Experience a sustained, crash-free boost that lets you be your best, naturally.

As a family-driven team, we're passionate about sharing HIBO ENERGY with you. Be among the first to embark on this transformative energy journey. Find us at a store near you or order online at

Join us in rewriting the narrative of energy drinks. Let's power up with purpose! 🌺

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