Made For a Founder's Family

My dad used to be a big Diet Soda drinker, like more than a 12-pack everyday. One Lent, he decided to give soda up for 40 days and within 2 weeks he had lost 10 pounds, had more energy, and felt better all around. My family and I thought, “Why was Diet Soda doing that to you?” So, I started doing some research on what could’ve caused those problems. What I found was that what you drink everyday has a tremendous effect on your health, and there are a lot of drinks out there that taste great, but just aren’t good for you.

Around that same time, I had Hibiscus Tea for the first time and loved it. I loved the taste, the color, and that it was a Superfood, so I started looking for bottled or canned versions at stores. After I couldn’t find anything, I decided to make something of my own, and HIBO was born.

An Adventure Into Hibiscus

After finding out how popular Hibiscus drinks are all over the world, I couldn’t believe that they're virtually unknown in then US. We've had a heck of a lot of fun creating HIBO. We have met a lot of new people, been a lot of new places, and made a lot of new friends. We hope that everyone has as good of a time drinking HIBO as we have had making it.

The taste is amazing. It is both sweet and tangy at the same time, and the drink has this deep red glow that will never leave you unsatisfied. What's more is that the super benefits will leave you feeling super, which leads me to our motto!