Made For a Founder's Family

My dad used to be a big Diet Soda drinker, like more than a 12-pack everyday. One Lent, he decided to give soda up for 40 days and within 2 weeks he had lost 10 pounds, had more energy, and felt better all around. My family and I thought, “Why was Diet Soda doing that to you?” So, I started doing some research on what could’ve caused those problems. What I found was that what you drink everyday has a tremendous effect on your health, and there are a lot of drinks out there that pretend to be good for you, but just aren’t.

A New Superdrink

Your body's true fuel is nutrition, but 92% of people (including my dad) are deficient in at least one nutrient. We make HIBO to provide Super Simple Nutrition using one superfood ingredient, hibiscus, to provide a nutritious energy boost! HIBO is used by many for athletics, fitness, daily nutrition, and we hope to make it easier for everyone to feel truly healthy and super everyday, which leads me to our motto: